Hounded by collection agencies and credit card companies ?


Learn more about the federal law covering debt collectors and collection attorneys.

Learn more about the federal law protecting your credit report and score.

Get a free credit report!

For a good place to learn, think, chat and gain some insight from those in a similar situation, visit The Credit Info Center. For a deeper read, we suggest Kristy Welsh’s “Good Credit is Sexy” or “Stop Debt Collectors Cold” by John Ventura. For a pointed, no-holds-barred discussion of collection agencies and their tactics, check out Bud Hibbs' notorious website. Tell Bud I sent you!


Many credit card debtors are finding themselves shunted to arbitration in places like the National Arbitration Forum Inc.(NAF). Supposedly a neutral third party, critics say the process is skewed in favor of the creditor. In my experience, when faced with arbitration, you have to move fast.


If you have several creditors after you, or if you think your debts will continue to mount, you may wish to consider whether bankruptcy is right for you. Learn more about bankruptcy so you can make an informed decision before contacting a bankruptcy attorney.

To find a bankruptcy lawyer near you, consider a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).

Lawrence Rubin is a Pennsylvania lawyer with a great sense of both debt collection and bankruptcy issues. You might benefit from his insight.


When it comes to pinching pennies, no one beats a cheapskate! We like Mary Hunt's wisdom and style.


Money disputes and credit woes are often the cause of marital discord. If you believe you and your spouse are doomed to divorce, consider divorce mediation. I provide mediation and financial planning services to Capital Region couples.

To learn more about mediation, go to Mediate.com . For a mediator near you, consider a member of the NYS Council on Divorce Mediation. For a divorce financial planner, consider a member of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners or the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.

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